Headlamp upgrade Kit MK3 Chimaera Unpainted

£490.00 Plus VAT

Price includes 2 pods, 2 lenses, 2 headlamps and your Fitting kit (no bulbs or sealant)


TVR Factory upgrade carried out on last Chimaeras. Looks great and you can actually drive at night.  Fitting guide below.

1 Remove wing nuts on the headlamp cowl,(bottom of cowl)

2 remove cowl.

3 remove glass and headlamp bowl, this can be awkward to remove so just get a big bar and prize it out and bin it.

4 Remove wheel then take off oval fibreglass cover, cut the access hole larger 6inch wide 10inch deep.

5 drill 10mm hole in headlamp panel as close wing as possible to get saw blade in to cut away the old headlamp panel as close to the wing as you dare, With a drum sander grind away the cut away lip as close to the wing as possible (this is the part where can chip the paint so be careful) offer up the assembled headlamp to check gap and grind more in required.

6 with some help hold the headlamp in place and cut a piece of wood that wedges between stub axle and the just off centre of the headlamp pod.

7 apply a 5mm bead of Sikaflex around the outer edge of the headlamp Perspex then push into place and wedge with wood, leave to set overnight.

8 use 6mm low tac fine lining tape around inner and outer of the Perspex , then 1 inch masking tape on outer edge of lining tape, approx. 6mm gap and fill with high modulus black silicon sealant then slowly remove all tape strait away.

9 Adjust lamps as requires from rear‘ slotted screws or up/down 3 Phillips head screws for horizontal, then fit oversized access panel with a bead of silicon sealant to stop dirt getting in.

Job done, there is always help and advise available just call 01384 571021.

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Pod kit only, Pod kit with full fitting kit


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